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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our Favourite Breakfast Place

How did my blog got into maintanence state? Thanks to Zoto for sure. They decided that they no longer offer free picture storage and then lock me from assessing my pictures. Worst, they decide to rip it off the face of the internet. Yes I am venting in anger here. It cause my whole blog to feature gray flowers as food! Besides, they do not allow retrieval of pictures, and asked to fill in form for pictures to be send back to you (which till now is no where in sight). Anyhow, I would urge everyone out there to never pay money for Zoto’s irresponsible services. I also found out that to republish post with pictures are painstakingly taking up my time. Sigh. I only manage to republish my Bangkok posts. The rest will have to come in batches (especially my favourite penang posts! Sobs).

Anyway, anger aside, I hope everyone here will welcome me back, despite the absence. Where have I been? Let’s just say it is the usual excuses so I’ll spare you. Let me now get on with food.

One of the main meal of everyday that J and I never (almost) misses are breakfast! We just had to have it before the start of our day. Everyday, before heading to work, we would stop by one of our usual haunts. Though there are a few places that we usually go to, one place is where we always would preferred. This place is just right on the way to our workplace, no crowd and ample parking spaces. Best yet, it has the best Wan Tan Mee in town (claimed so by J). But I myself (hail from Taiping with its own reknown Wan Tan Mee) must say this one is definitely good. Entirely different from the ones in my hometown, this one is sweet with the char siew (roast pork) sauce and the char siew is really succulent and delish!

We’ve been here so many times, the young girl who works here will automatically bring my favourite Cham’ nga lat (coffee-mix-tea-mix-milk drink – big).

Then usually I would call the old-style breakfast of toast bread and half boiled egg (that I mentioned before I love so much), this time at much less the cost.

Tear the bread, use it to soak up the eggs and munch away. Remaining bread can be dipped into the ‘Cham’ and devour or eat plain. Your call! Any of the way is my favourite.

I am really reluctant to introduce this place, as I love the not too many people atmosphere and I love the sure-to-have parking spaces. Few doors away there was also opened an Indian restaurant that serves mean Indian breakfast (will feature it soon). But how can I keep this gem to myself only? Good food (in this case plus good place) is meant to be shared. I came near lunch time before and found that it is usually crowded by people who are here for the chicken rice (which only opens for lunch). I am not being selfish here but I really do not know the address, but it is so easy to find a little direction will do (and shame on me to forget the name of the restaurant). I will return with the address and the name, I promise!

Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing
SS4D/5, 47301 PJ
Left of LDP (heading towards Puchong tol)
First corner shop,right opposite Kampung Cempaka

Update: On sad note, the Wan Tan Mee stall has closed, thus depriving J and I of our usual breakfast fix. We have yet to find one good enough to replace it yet. :(

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