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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Worth the Search

Well, after reading the Klang pork ribs at KY, I had mentioned it to J that I would like to try it out someday. Sweet J decided to bring me there today, despite that he had no idea where it is. Usually KY would draw a map of the place he reviewed but just so happen he did not do so for this one and he only gave a vague direction that it is between the old bus terminal and an Indian movie cinema. Well, we took many turns around the bus terminal in Malaysia crazy heat and saw no cinema in sight. J was cursing KY all the way, sorry KY, but in the end we took one round, because there was a road block for fixing (which could explain why we did not get there in the first place) and then I spotted the cinema and shouted in delight. We took a U-turn at the roundabout and finally got to the place. The food better be good.

We sat down, and ordered the Pai Guat (pork ribs) straight due to recommendation, and J having been there once long time ago (his friend took him that’s why he do not know the way) and remembered that the curry was good. So he ordered the mutton curry and then I ordered Chai Sim (Chinese Flowering Cabbage), for good measure. J poured the dark sauce all around my rice, saying this is the Klang way. Well I kinda like the idea of blending into the culture and eat the way the people here do.

Then we dig in. Burp. The meal was great! Thanks KY. The pork ribs were really and I mean really tasty; the outer skin is crispy and the meat was juicy, done to the perfection. The sauce was sweet and paired really well with the ribs.

The mutton curry was also not to be left out as the meat was really soft while the curry was, just like how I remembered eating my Indian friend’s mum’s home cooked mutton curry. It is like the real authentic Indian curry. The veggie taste, well, just like veggie.

We also ordered the home made soy bean, served in a huge glass bottle, which every table seem to have it. no regrets here as the soy bean is fresh, certainly taste without preservative, not too sweet, I like it. We finished the whole bottle!

So if any of you decide to go there when you’re in Klang, I can only give a vague direction too, you can curse me that time I understand. At the huge roundabout in Klang town, take the direction towards Hospital TAR Klang, then turn left on the second turning and you will see an old cinema (Panggung Wayang Seri Intan) in front, and on your right is the row of stalls. The one we went was the one with all the big colourful umbrellas, kind of in the middle, you can’t miss it. Look out for this guy chopping the pork ribs.

We talked to the lady who served us, she was really nice. She was really amused when I took the food picture and asked whether I am taking her picture or the food. She surprised us at the end of the meal by speaking English (she must have heard J and I speaking in it) and chatted with us. J spilled me out and says that I would be putting up her food on the Internet for promotion and she was really happy, smilling ear to ear and telling the others about it. I would be going back again, as J said the fish is good too; we saw it at another table. With good food and good service and at reasonable price, the lady can be sure to see me again!


DreaMachine said...

Make muh trip here worth it. And take me there for the gastronomic challenge. =)

rokh said...

clove, i get the hint ;)

boo_licious said...

I will probably get very lost as I am hopeless in Klang. Food looks good. Maybe you can take a pix of the stall or shop so it's easier to trace back?

rokh said...

boo, you can go to KY's link, he had a picture of the stall. if i go there again i will be sure to take the stall picture for you.

Nyokk said...

im hungry haha :p

swee said...

ohh THIS STALL !! haha.. i've been there a couple of times.. my mum say the 'sour vege' is very nice.. i dont know whats it called in english.. mm.. it's been some time since i've went there.. btw i'm from klang.. haha

KY said...

No wonder my eyes were twitching, kena cursed then kena thanked. teruk. lol.

I don't know my way around Klang very well, my housemate was the one who drives when we went there.

Glad you enjoyed the food. Cheers.

rokh said...

nyokk, me too!

swee, next time i would try the ham choy! thanks

ky, LOL. thanks for dropping by. i look forward to more of your reviews

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