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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Malaysia Flogger #4: Eat First Think Later

This is just the right time for my feature one of our well known Malaysia flogger, Teckiee of Eat First Think Later, albeit a bit late - but better late than never, as it was her birthday few days back. Teckiee, happy belated birthday! I hope this post will make your eventful week even more exciting.

When Teckiee first started food blogging, she hadset herself apart by coming up with video podcast, though not really my cup of tea as I’m am an addict for read and write and everything-to-do-with-words, but it was definitely something new and interesting in this food arena. After a while, the writing bug bites her back as well and she had been actively writing on food ever since. During her earlier posts, before I got to know her much, I have to admit that I had mistaken her for ‘he’, due to the nick name Teckiee; though not exactly a guy nick but it just struck me as so. I was exposed on this mistaken gender fiasco when I featured her video post on my Bak Chang write up, she had to comment to let me know about it. At that time I was really embarrassed but looking back now, it seems pretty hilarious, which I hope Teckiee finds it the same.

So now, without further adieu, let us move on to a techie interview of a foodie (pardon the pun):

1. Tell us a bit bout yourself - name, background, born and bred, work/study, dreams or plans
Teckiee spelt with a double e, pronounce as ‘tac-kiee’ and I’m female ;p Most people think I’m male and that got my nick from my line of work with Information Technology. TEC is actually my initials and my buddies call me Teckiee since I was 13. Born and raised in Petaling Jaya, but works in KL city. One of my realistic dreams is to obtain my Masters degree before I turn 28. (I am) planning to get to my studies very (very) soon.

2. Age old question, what got you into blogging, besides the love of food of course
I started blogging when I was 15 when I got my second PC and a 56k dial up modem; because I wanted to keep a diary, but have never written more than a few pages. Typing is so much easier. I didn’t want to just type, but I needed to express myself to tell someone, even if it’s a stranger.

3. How long have you been food blogging?
Eat First Think Later started off in 3 Nov 2005 initially as a vidcast. When life got busier, I didn’t have the time to do recordings so I decided to switch back to blogging. I have been strictly food blogging since 14 Jan 2006, that’s errr I think 1 year 10 months and errr …well you do the calculations lah ;p

4. What has food blogging bring/done to you?
Food blogging brought me so much new friends and experiences. It’s fascinating to sit with these folks and just eat sleep and talk about food and the world. Food blogging also made me much fatter and poorer more prosperous in the stomach than the pocket.

5. Who/what got you obsess with food/cooking?
My mom has always been, and still is, my inspiration when it comes to cooking. Although she is a working woman, she never fails to impress the whole family with delicious dishes, some which are well forgotten. I sometimes fill in as the chef in kitchen when she is busy, and it started off from there.

6. What is one food you always wanted to try/cook/bake but have yet to do so and why
(It would) definitely (be) something to do with grapes. I actually made scramble grapes omelet once. It made history in my home not because it was delicious, but it was totally ridiculous. I have not tried anything with grapes since then, but had always wanted to try to fix something new, absurd but nice with grapes.

7. List some food blogs that inspires you or got you hooked
When I started food blogging, I didn’t really know that there were so many many awesome food blogs. The first few food blogs on my read list are;
Lovely (lovely) birthday cakes at by a fellow Malaysian who is studying in Australia.
A beautiful lady cooking Malaysian in her kitchen in the States at
Awesome reviews by Boo_liciuos in
I was particularly interested in because of the various food reviews in the National University of Singapore. My brother used to study there.
And the more recent (or not so recent) addition to my read list;
I like going to ever since she moved from Yahoo! to blogspot. I can comment now =)
Itadakimas with
And to end, simple yet delicious recipes with superb write up from

8. What would be your one comfort food that will sure brighten the day?
My daddy’s special porridge! Plain porridge mixed with steamed diced port, prawns, shredded steam chicken meat, flaked steam fish, preserved vegetables, spicy bean curd, ginger, chopped garlic and shallot oil and a few drops of sesame oil just for fragrance.

9. Sweet or savoury?
Anything is good for me. Just have to make sure the sweet stuff are sweet enough, and the savoury ones have a stronger fragrance or taste to it. Some times it kills the taste if the level of sugar or spice is reduced.

10. Name one food addiction and tell us how you go about it
Desserts! Just loveee the sweet stuff. I will always ‘attack’ the dessert counter first at buffets. Need my weekly dose of cakes. I always have a stash of chocolates and sweets at work and at home and sweets in my bag!

11. One Malaysian dish you can't do without and why
Penang Char Kuey Teow! Noodles fried with garlic, cockles, prawns, mini leaks (what is ‘kau choy’ called ah?), bean sprout, fish cake and lard. I just love the dry salty taste of the Penang style fried noodles with the fragrance with the garlic and lard. The prawns used …must be fresh and marinated with a little sugar to bring out the crunchy texture, and the cockles just slightly raw. SYOK!

12. Name one cuisine you love and would need a fix for now and then
Italian. Pasta. It’s something I love to eat and I think cook quite ok pasta. Bolognaise, creamy sauce, dry, fried, pesto’ish, herby, lightly tossed, baked, … just love them.

13. Tell us your favourite post of all time - favourite recipe/food review
Definitely all my Siem Reap travelogue at

14. Some advices for the budding or new food bloggers in Malaysian scene
Prepare to put on weight. Exercise more because dieting is not an option ;p Be willing to try food out of your own comfort zone. Give honest reviews. Do it for the passion and remember to have fun!

15. Drop a message for your readers and the food fans out there
Thank you for all your support, comments and emails! If anyone needs food advice, extra taste bud, mouth, stomach, guinea pig, cook, waitress or a participant to enter a special edition of Food Fear Factor, just drop me an email. I will definitely be glad to help out ;)

And always remember to eat first think later!

16. Share with us a must make recipe/a must eat place

Lai Wok Pan (in Hakka) means "pulled wok sides" in English. A very traditional Hakka dish:


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wee! Thank you thank you! Hehehe had quite a lot of fun typing up the interview...brought back quite a lot of my geeky memories =)

rokh said...

glad you had fun writing as I had fun readin it :)

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