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Tham Jiak: Satisfying a Craving
Tham Jiak means in some way "love to eat" in Hokkien. I am a Malaysian Hokkien and truly love to eat.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Satisfying a Craving

I wanted to post this up for the Jihva by Mahanandi, but I was off to Taiping, having fun and forgotten about it. But since this is a really cooling and refreshing dessert, that I sort of made up, with inspiration from sai mai lou that we have here in Malaysia, I decided to share it anyway.

Sai mai lou is actually sort of like ais kacang in Malaysia. Ais kacang is actually shaved ice swirled with sweet syrup (sometimes Gula Melaka) and evaporated milk then topped with various stuff, like mini jellies, red beans, peanuts, sweet corn and lots more. As for sai mai lou, the similarity is that it also has shaved ice, swirled with evaporated milk and fruit juice then topped with the cubed fruits and sago pearls. Of all the varieties, I always like the Mango sai mai lou best, as it is rich in taste and goes really well with the light milky ice and sago. The best one I ever had, which was the first, that got me hooked to sai mai lou is the one at Petaling Street (Malaysia's Chinatown). I’m not sure of the location but I remember is at one end of the street opposite a bank, and with a bookstore nearby. This roadside stall is manned by a lady, which has all sorts of sai mai lou, from honeydew, strawberries to of course, Mango.

As for my own version, I was craving for something alike, but of course I have to do away with the shaved ice, which needs a machine-like-device to shave a huge block of ice, and poor me as my blender could not take ice (yea a cheap one), and so came about this dessert that I call

Mango Sago Lou

1 mango:
1 cup cubed mangoes
1 cup chopped mangoes

1 cup milk
¼ cup sago pearls

Boil the sago pearls to translucent (a tip is to only put in the sago pearls when the water is boiling hot, in order to get clear looking sago in the end, stir once a while as the sago will stick to the bottom)
Once done, pour the sago into a colander and quickly run through with cold water to stop the cooking.
Scoop the sago into a bowl
Blend the chopped mango and milk together
Pour onto the sago, and then top with cubed mangoes
Chill for about an hour or a while in the freezer (like the lazy me) then devour cold

Satisfies 1

Note: I forgot to mention that my mangoes was really sweet and if yours are not so, do add some syrup (sugar water) to taste. Bon apetit!


Anonymous said...

This was amazing

Unknown said...

This mango lou looks good, and simple to make too!

rokh said...

tony, thank you. it is indeed refreshing

angie, do give it a try

boo_licious said...

Yum! Looks very refreshing - perfect for this crazy hot weather.

jadepearl said...


Tazz said...

I have tried the Mango Pomelo Dessert. I think I should try one with sago pearls like this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rokh:
I've included your entry in JFI-Mango recap.
Thanks for participating in this event and thanks for this wonderful, healthy recipe. Looks gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Looks so sedap. Bubur mangga :)

rokh said...

boo, i agreed!

jadepearl, make one yourself then.

tazz, do give it a try.

indira, thank you so much!

puspha, nice name. never thought it that way. :)

*kel said...

hmmm, i love anything mango... thanks for the idea. gonna hunt down tapioca pearls in the asian grocery stores in barcelona. might be tough. they're a great addition to sweet bean soups too!

Unknown said...

Waiting for summer here in India so that I could indulge in mangoes. Lovely presentation of the Mango Sago. Chk here for Mango kulfi

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